Hi everyone! Ted Schmidt here, ActionCOACH Northwest. So, are you a procrastinator?

The big “P” word: Procrastination.

We all do it, me too, especially if it’s something we don’t like to do, or we’re not very good at, or we’re afraid of doing, or it takes us out of our comfort zone, or whatever. We tend to procrastinate as human beings. We are masters of avoiding things we don’t want to do. We are ingenious in ways we can come up with excuses – rationalize why we’re not doing what we need to do, and why we’re procrastinating on something.

But think about this, if you just pull the Band-Aid off and get it done, then it’s done, you don’t have to worry about it hanging behind you. It’s always going to hang over your head if you don’t take care of it.

I had a client not too long ago who needed to let somebody go. They considered, “Well, we could wait a month or two and kind of transition.” and I’m looking at him going, “Hmm, what should you do? What do you need to do right now?” And they said, “Well, I probably need to let them go.”

Yes! Pull the Band-Aid off and get over it. It’ll be a short-term discomfort rather than dragging it out over a long period. So, when you’ve got something that you don’t particularly want to do, and you tend to procrastinate in a certain area, learn to pull that Band-Aid off and charge forward and get her done. You’ll be glad you did.

I hope this helped you out, have a great day.

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