Kendra Wiiest

Senior Certified Business Coach
Certified Non-Profit Coach


When You’re Running a Business it Feels Impossible to Make Time to Work on the Business

Whatever stage you’re at in your business there’s always the next customer, the next employee, the next fill in the blank that’s pulling your focus away from where it needs to be.

The good news is there’s a way to run your business successfully while freeing yourself to focus on what’s important–including non-work related must-dos.

Go ahead–ask me the hard questions, listening is my specialty.

As a former 911 operator I honed my listening skills and refined the ability to extract what’s really important.

Now I do it for business owners and organizations.

  • I barely have enough time to run my business, how can I possibly make time for this? 
  • Should I really be spending more money when the business is already in the red?
  • If I trust you am I guaranteed a return on my investment? 
  • Aren’t you just another consultant selling ala carte solutions?

I’m Going to Make You Cry Tears of…

  • Relief because I listen to your challenges and don’t just tell you what to do like typical consultants. 
  • Joy because I help you see your challenges through a new lens that allows for positive change.   
  • Excitement because you’ll finally be able to design a business plan you can trust to take action on.

Great things Begin with a Cup of Coffee
or your Beverage of Choice

Working with Kendra has been great! We are getting a foothold on the operating our business and getting our lives back!
Leif Challender
What began as simply having a cup of coffee together has grown into a dynamic partnership. Kendra is knowledgeable, personable, and gifted with helping businesses from startups to established ones.

With so much information online and lots of people giving you advice it gets very confusing of what to invest your time and money in. 

If you began your business with a mission and believe it can be “more”, then definitely meet with these professionals to grow into that vision while also networking with other professionals.
Marylou Moglia

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I help business owners take vacations.

No, I’m not a travel agent, but I am a former business owner that understands how impossible it can feel to create a work-life balance 

When I ran my business I remember reading all the books I was supposed to, taking the must-take courses, and never being able to put all the pieces together into something actionable. It was depressing. 

Today I give my business clients the thing I so needed as a business owner – an all-encompassing business development structure with all the resources so they can grow their business and–yes, take more vacations. 

I’m a Spokane, WA native, with many connections to local business owners. I have an amazing boyfriend and 4 kids, that range in age from 13-26. When I’m not working with local business owners I love traveling, camping, fishing, and sunshine! 


Small Businesses Build Communities

Every time I help turn a business around I’m helping the community at large – the place I live, work, and raise my family. This is what gets me excited about my work.

When I’m not coaching local business owners I’m volunteering, staying informed, and participating with important community organizations.

  • Valley Chamber
  • West Plains Chamber – Membership Ambassador
  • SHBA – Spokane Home Builders – Membership Ambassador
  • Ladies Business Community


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Every day doesn’t have to feel like survival mode to build a successful and sustainable business

You can create a business plan that actually works on the ground so you can grow your business with confidence, assign more responsibility to your staff, and yes – take more vacations.