Hi everyone! Ted Schmidt here, ActionCOACH Northwest.

I’ve got a tip for you today on when it’s time to make a change in personnel. Maybe you need to let somebody go, and what you can run into is you have somebody that’s not working out and maybe even toxic or just immature. This person is not a good fit for your team or your company, but you have this thought in the back of your mind: you’re worried about how to replace them. They do have some skills, and they are contributing a certain way, so you’re worried about replacing them and what to do and all sorts of things.

Think about this: they could walk out tomorrow and be gone. And anybody can do that, anybody on your team, so you have to understand that as a business owner, your number one focus is to protect your business.

If you have somebody that’s doing damage to your customer service or the rest of the team, causing people to resent having them around, that sort of thing, you need to pull off that band-aid and make the change. Because in the long run, it’s the best thing for your business. Don’t worry about having to replace them because you might have to do that anyway. At least if you plan it out, you can prepare a little bit for that, whereas if somebody leaves unexpectedly, you have no chance to prepare. You just have to do it because it’s so important to your business in the long run.

I hope this helps you out, have a great day.

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