Hey everybody! Ted Schmidt here, ActionCOACH Northwest. All right, now will you just decide? Just decide, please.

Do you ever hear that? There’s a saying that even a bad decision is better than no decision, so make the flipping decision, okay? You have to make a decision, especially as a business owner. The more you wait, the more you procrastinate, the more you fiddle around, and you wishy-washy all over the place, the more damage it can do. So, being decisive is a real asset to a business owner. When I look at my clients over the years, I’ve been coaching for 14 years at this point, the most successful ones are the ones that are most decisive and make decisions and move on.

And if they make a mistake and make a poor decision, they adjust, they realign, they move on, they fix it and they keep going, but they don’t fiddle around. So when faced with decisions, and I’m not talking about what you’re ordering for lunch or the daily routine stuff: Do we order copy paper? Stuff like that. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about: Do we hire this person? Do we let this person go? Do we buy this piece of equipment? Do we buy this building? Do we invest in something? These kinds of decisions.

Be thoughtful, do your homework, but decide and do it promptly. Don’t take an excessive amount of time to decide important things, okay? You’ll be glad you did. Trust me on this one. So, remember, decide. That’s an order!

Alright, have a great day.

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