K: Great, let’s get started. Tell me a bit about your business.

MD: It’s awesome!! We opened in June of 2020, right in the middle of Covid. We are a full automotive shop, working on every make and model from the grocery-getter cars to custom hot rods! My favorite vehicle that I’ve worked on so far was a 1949 Cadillac convertible chop top. It was challenging to remove the tires because of the way the fenders are designed, but we made it work and the customer was happy with the outcome.

K: And who do you serve, really, who is your best customer, we call it target audience?

MD: Anybody with a car that wants to maintain it. Our customers are usually 30-55 years old. We do everything that nobody else wants to do and we have the skills and tools to do it.

K: What has been the greatest impact of COVID 19 on your business?

MD:  On the mechanical side of the business, we’ve been very busy. We opened at the ideal time, which was right after people started receiving their stimulus checks. Instead of buying new cars, they would fix what they already had. The tire side of the business was different. People were staying home more, so they didn’t need their tires fixed or replaced. That has been difficult as far as the business is concerned.

K: What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working? 

MD: Since we opened during covid, nothing was different since we didn’t have anything to go off of pre-covid. At first, we tried knocking on doors of other businesses in the neighborhood and that turned out bad because those businesses were closed. We tried sending out mailers, and those failed to bring any return.

K: Okay, this is an interesting question, it has been said, smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others. What mistakes did you make along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

MD: When starting a new business, do your research on everything! Hiring, clothing, builders, etc. Plan for unexpected expenses. Make sure permits line up. Check all the boxes, then double-check before you sign anything.

K: Perfect, last question, tell me what is most inspiring to you today?

MD: Seeing a customer multiple times when they bring their car back for new repairs. They come back with a car and a smile on their face because they know we are helping them during a tough time in their lives – especially when they have unplanned car troubles.

Myke Davis

Supreme Tire & Auto Repair – Spokane Tire & Wheel Experts.

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