K: Alright, let’s get started, Tell me a bit about your business.

LW: My business has been evolving over the last 5 years. In this industry, with the internet taking over a lot of clients – Zillow and other online providers – it makes it less personal. Being social creatures, we still need that in-person contact. I provide a genuine personal connection to my clients and dabble in many areas of real estate. I will help people and families in the residential world and love handing them the keys to their first house. I also buy and sell multi-family commercial real estate.

K: And who do you serve, really, who is your best customer, we call it target audience?

LW:  It’s hard to narrow down, but it leans towards the area of investment real estate – short sales, quick investments, etc. I help people create and build wealth through investment real estate transactions.

K: What has been the greatest impact of COVID 19 on your business?

LW: The greatest impact that covid has had on my business is not being able to work with clients in person on a day-to-day basis. Not having the ability – due to regulations – to be who I am. I prefer meet and greets with my clients in order to make stronger connections.

K: What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working? 

LW: We switched gears to a zero-touch format with buying/selling transactions. We utilize a lot of online tools from start to end, helping residential clients and investors. We’ve done a lot of virtual tours as well.

K: Okay, this is an interesting question, it has been said, “smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others.” What mistakes did you make along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

LW: Complacency. In this business, it’s really easy to get complacent or take a break. It takes 100 gallons to get a train moving, but it can go miles and miles on 1 gallon of gas once it’s going. Consistency is key. Keep up the pace and don’t let up, even when the money is coming in because the downturn will be harder to deal with if you’re not prepared.

K: Perfect, last question, tell me what is most inspiring to you today?

LW: One of the most inspiring things for me is that I have a very large impact on people’s personal lives. I get to help them make one of the largest investment decisions of their lifetime.

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