K: Great, let’s get started. Tell me a bit about your business.

GM: We are a subscription-based legal service provider. We connect subscribers with legal firms and handle about 80% of common uses for law firms – letters, documents, legal letters, collection services, and identity theft protection, just to name a few. I got into LegalShield because I saw the need for it with other business owners because they offer business plans and employment law help. 

K: Okay, great, how long have you been in business?

GM: Over one and a half years now!

K: And who do you serve, really, who is your best customer, we call it target audience?

GM: Everyone could benefit from our services. There is a misconception that only bad people need legal services, but lawyers can handle more proactive problems that consumers run into. When lawyers write on your behalf, things are sent to the legal division of a company to help settle a dispute quicker. If someone is suing you, LegalShield protects and represents you as needed to clear the case up. People have saved thousands of dollars just by using it one time.

K: What has been the greatest impact of COVID 19 on your business?

GM: It hasn’t been much of an impact, especially since I had just started when Covid had begun. LegalShield has grown as a whole, and people have signed up for the membership AND also as referral partners, where they market the subscription and can sign up others.

K: What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working? 

GM: There have been a lot more Zoom calls! I had to force myself to get out on LinkedIn, join groups, and explore other options for marketing that I wouldn’t have thought of before. Also, using informed delivery through the USPS has been helpful.

K: Okay, this is an interesting question, it has been said, smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others. What mistakes did you make along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

GM: My biggest mistake was overconfidence with ownership of a gym. I tried to expand too fast, thinking the bank would give me a loan and it delayed the process by 2-3 years. I learned that developing a strategy and game plan is crucial. Make sure you follow each step – don’t jump ahead, have a more thought-out strategy – and pace yourself. Also, stay humble.

K: Perfect, last question, tell me what is most inspiring to you today?

GM: What’s most inspiring to me is the fact that I think people are starting to wake up to the idea that maybe there are some problems in society that can be solved if we start to come together. 

OFFER: Contact me for a complimentary consultation about the plans that LegalShield offers – I am not an attorney and can’t give legal counsel but can explain our plans to help find which would be a good fit. 

Greg Martin
[email protected]

With LegalShield, finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or expensive.

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