K: Alright, let’s get started, Tell me a bit about your business.

EA: Erik Allen Media consists of the Erick Allen podcast where I talk to success-oriented people and entrepreneurs, as well as content creation – like unboxing videos and how-to or instructional videos. I am hired to be the face of the product for videos, then I create the video and send it to them to do what they want with it. 

K: Okay, great, how long have you been in business?

EA: I launched 3-4 years ago.

K: And who do you serve, really, who is your best customer, we call it your target audience?

EA: For the podcast: entrepreneurship, starting a business. Content creation is from gun holsters to water bottles to bouncy balls. I do a very broad range of video types, even including voice-over work and audiobook reading. My target audience would be small to medium businesses that don’t have the resources to do their own camera work.

K: What has been the greatest impact of COVID 19 on your business?

EA: It was huge, I was able to connect with so many people, working with companies that wanted to get their brand out there. Deals went through the roof because companies were trying to move more digital and quickly. 

K: What 1 or 2 actions have you taken to make a difference, how is it working? 

EA: I started working with more local companies, targeting local CDA companies that were interested in working on sponsorships. I did a few business exchanges – service trades – instead of charging clients. 

K: Okay, this is an interesting question, it has been said, “smart people learn from their mistakes and wise people learn from the mistakes of others.” What mistakes did you make along the way and how can other entrepreneurs learn from your experience? 

EA: I started with no business plan, bought a bunch of products and they didn’t sell, so I ended up donating a lot of them. I didn’t seek knowledge or consultation from anyone, no coaching, no accountability. In the last 5 years, I have gotten very focused on moving in the right direction, surrounding myself with a positive group of influencers – guys that were great in business, Christian believers, and had successful marriages. 

K: Perfect, last question, tell me what is most inspiring to you today.

EA: For me, the most inspiring thing is to be there for my family….my wife is motivational and inspiring to me – to keep going for my dreams, but she also keeps me grounded! 

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