Things are always changing for all of us and always will. This can create a lot of anxiety. Some people handle change better than others. It depends on many factors such as risk tolerance, fear, mindset, beliefs, values, and attitude to name a few. The more change disrupts your life is a good indicator of how you perceive the change. Some people adapt well to change and move on, others do not, and some are somewhere in the middle.  

How you cope with change can have a huge impact on your life either positive, negative, or neutral. Remember change is a constant and it is how you respond to change that really matters so do your best to respond well.  

Are you a risk taker? Early adopters to changes are often risk takers. If a change creates fear for you do face your fear and overcome it. If you do not face your fears, they will control your life. Granted this is easier said than done. Just understand doing nothing and living in fear is the worst choice you can make.  

Are your beliefs, values, and mindset holding you back? Creating limits to your own growth. How much are you missing out on because of your own mindset? Are you stuck in your ways and refuse to change with the times? Do you believe you are “right” and there is no need to change? Do your values keep you from responding well to change? Think of something you strongly value and are unwilling to compromise on, even if lack of change will leave you behind. Think of someone who refuses to use online banking, shop on the internet, or use a credit card. What opportunities are you missing out on because you will not change your mindset, beliefs, and/or values?  

I have a plaque on the wall that says “attitude is the difference” it was given to me by one of my mentors many years ago. I believe it is still true today and will always be true. The attitude you have responding to almost anything can make a tremendous difference. Think of something you do not particularly enjoy doing like going to a meeting for work. If your attitude is “the meeting is going to be a waste of time, boring, pointless, etc.” then guess what the meeting will be? A pointless, boring waste of time. If on the other hand, you have a different attitude and choose to do your best to make the meeting have value, be interesting, and even engaging. Then you will have a much better chance of finding it just that. Now think of a recent change you have had to deal with and what was/is your attitude towards it.  

Remember change is a constant and it is how you respond that matters most.  

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